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AREA 56 is a strength training focused gym specializing in powerlifting. Olympic weightlifting, strongman, sports performance, small group and one on one personal training.

AREA 56 is a performance focused gym specializing in powerlifting, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, sports performance, cross-training, and one on one training in Johnstown, PA.   The gym is owned and operated by Tyler Petro and Sarah Connors-Petro.  Tyler and Sarah are active competitors in the strength sports, are certified USAPL Club Coaches and hold various other certifications.  AREA 56 has the equipment and atmosphere necessary for serious lifters to achieve their goals. Within the confines of AREA 56 you will find numerous squat racks, benches, high quality barbells, specialty bars, bumper plates, Olympic and deadlift platforms, and a full collection of strongman and cross training equipment (and much more!).  We have everything you need to achieve your goals and none of the BS!

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AREA 56 began in a 400 square foot storage unit in 2013.  Starting with a stack of plates, some tires and atlas stones, a few bars and a squat rack, and with a lot of hard work, AREA 56 quickly began attracting some of the strongest lifters in the Johnstown area.  In January of 2014 AREA 56 moved into it's current 2500 square foot facility and has grown into a destination for serious lifters in western Pennsylvania.

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